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Welcome to Kundukulangara Akkara Kshemasangam

      Mar Thoma, one of the twelve Disciples of Christ after landing at Kodungallur, Thrissur District, and Christianity was spread in and around the area.

     Temples of central Kerala had four different types of natural tanks (kulam) around them. They were named depending on the size and depth of the tank. They were used for specific purposes like agriculture, taking bath and so on.  They were commonly called Kundukulam, Kuruthukulam, Mekkattukulam and Chattukulam. Families living around these kulams were called Kundukulangara, Mekkattukulangara, Kuruthukulangara and Chattukulangara. The ancestors of these families were baptized by Mar Thoma and had became Christians.

        These families were concentrated in the coastal belt of Valappad, Pazhuvil, Parappur, Pavarty, Palayur and so on, which places are close to Kodungallur our ancestors are said to have been parishes of Pazhuvil living in and around Valappad.

      Manakodi kayal (inland water ways) is between Valappad and Pazhuvil on the western side of this kayal and Ollur is on the eastern side of this.

      People going to Valappad and Pazhuvil from this side of kayal used to be called going to akkarakku (going to other side of water way) and people living this side of water way were called akkarakar (people living this side of water way).


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